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Guy couldn’t call it his lucky day. Not even a good day. He almost get used with being SheZow. Well, having superpowers wasn’t bad, after all. Super strength, super speed, awesome gadgets – comparing with those, running in high heels and pink girly clothes wasn’t really a big deal. But he forget about one thing. And when he learned about it, it was too late.

Hanging on the rope, he could only swear helplessly. That damn Tara. How could she beat him that easily? He was sure that it will be piece of cake. Beating her before was hard, of course, but he learned some more about his skills since their last meeting. He caught her stealing from the bank this time. It was too late for him to beat her there, so he jumped to his car, following green clad woman who was a partner of his aunt, previous SheZow. When Tara found that SheZow is after her, she stopped.

“What do we have here? Our wannabe superheroine of the day tries to stop me? How amusing!”
“It will be amusing for me, Tara, to kick your sorry ass again!” speaking with his falsetto, SheZow turned his laser lipstick on and attacked Tara. He was sure that she’ll produce her own weapon as well, but Tara did something else. She coughed, shooting the ball of ugly liquid straight onto him.
“Are you joking?” SheZow hit that ugly mass with a laser lipstick. Shining blade went through that thing, splitting it into pieces.
“You should visit a doctor, seems that something is wrong with your belly” SheZow smiled.
“And something wrong is about to happend with your hairdo, honey!” cried Tara, as she shoot beam of green energy onto surprised hero. SheZow quicky rose her laser lipstick to reflect the attack, but it won’t worked. He looked at his sword, covered with Tara’s liquid. It was glued to the earth! SheZow managed to use his strength to break the sticking ugliness, but in the same moment green beam hit his head, destroying his hairdo. SheZow lost his superpowers and consciousness as well in the same moment.

When he returned to his senses, he was hanging on the rope in the big room. It looked like some kind of storage, full of baskets and boxes. There was none there. He found that his hands are tied behind his back. Another rope was holding them close to his body and run to the cellar. Gag was keeping his mouth shouted. His legs were free, but he could only move them helplessly in the air. With his hairdo messed up, he was again ordinary boy, without any super powers, but dressed in this weird costume. Situation was really she-rrible.  

Doors to the room opened and Tara walked in. She looked at the hanging SheZow with a smile of satisfaction and triumph.
“Finally! Well, have to say that in the good, old times you always liked such rope fun, weren’t you, honey?” she approached helpless SheZow “Too bad,  time wasn’t merciful for you, dear. You’re shorter that you were and you could really use some better make up. You know, we’re not that young like we were in the past. Years are running, babe” she slapped SheZow’s ass “Oh, even your ass is smaller! And what happened to your boobies?” Tara looked at SheZow’s flat chest with visible disappointment “And to think that I was jelous of those melons of yours…”

“Mhhhmmm!!!! Nggmmmm!!!” Guy helplessly tried to explain that he isn’t actually his aunt, who’s Tara thinks he is, but gag was preventing it.
“But good that some things aren’t changing… In fact, I have something new for you here” SheZow couldn’t turn back to see what Tara was doing, but he was sure that something fishy. She moved to the computer and turned it on. Four metallic tentacles, ended with human-like palms, appeared from the machine and approached helpless SheZow. Being aware that something really bad is gonna happened to him, Guy tried to free himself. But without his super strength it was quite she-mpossible.
“Well, well well… Do you remember when we were returning from the patrols in the good old days?” Tara continued “We had that habit that one of us that screwed something got spanking from the other. And it was almost always you who spanked me! Time for revenge! Behold my Spankomatic!”

Two palms grabbed SheZow, holding him in the waist and keeping him still, while two other approached from behind.
“Oghmmm!!!!! Ghmmm!!!!!” surprised Guy cried to the gag as the two mechanic palms begun their work, spanking his pink-clad ass hard. Tara was standing there, looking at her helpless, former partner getting hardest spanking of her entire life. Oh, she was waiting for that moment.

“Isn’t it fun? You always said that I need to get used to it” she said, looking at the SheZow who’s ass was royaly spanked by the machine tormentor. One after another, two palms were placing stingy slaps on the SheZow’s butt. Muffled screams were coming from the gagged mouth. Sometimes spanks were coming in series, sometimes machine paused for a while, just to attack with doubled strength next.

For SheZow it was probably most humiliating moment in his entire life. Really, a shesaster. He couldn’t really remember when his father spanked his for the last time, probably when he was six or seven. But the fact that he was in the female clothes was making whole situation even worst. His ass was probably all red now. He was happy that Tara didn’t undressed him before everything started. Tears were running down his cheeks. He would be for mercy if he could. It was worst than losing a fight.
“Ughhm!!! Mhmmm!!!” muffled cried were leaving his gagged mouth.  His legs were kicking in helpless anger. Spank! Spank!! Spank! Machine was doing its best to beat SheZow into submission with hard spanking.

Time was running slowly and finally, after ten painful minutes Tara turned machine of. SheZow sobbed softly, hanging powerless in the ropes. His ass was aching like hell. Using the controls, Tara lowered him a bit, so he could almost touch the floor with his feet.

“I have to say that I’m bit disappointed… You were always so strong and proud… And I can see you’re crying! What a crybaby you become, SheZow!” she said, adding some more to his humiliation “Maybe you should change your nickname to “SheMew?”

He really wanted to kill that bitch. Not that he could do this in these damn ropes, but he dreamed of the revenge. He wanted to kick the shit out of her, to grab her and spank her even harder that this horrin;e machine spanked him. He dreamed of listening to her cries and begs for mercy.
“It was fun to spank you but now…” Tara’s words were interrupted while one of the windows broke down and short guy in black tuxedo and hat appeared. He was holding flowerpot filled with roses in his hands. White mask covered his eyes.
“Behold Tuxedo Maz!” he cried and SheZow quickly recognized his wanna-be sidekick. Today he looked like a Sailor Moon cosplay rip-off.
“What? Auch!” cried Tara, when Maz tossed the roses onto her. Sharp thorns cut her skin. In the fury, she shoot blast of energy into him. Maz lost his balance and fell down, but flowerpot flew into air and fell straight into Tara’s head. It hit her, stunning surprised villainess.

Maz approached tied SheZow and freed his friend from the ropes.
“Seems that I managed to save your ass, man!” he said.
“Almost…” SheZow landed on his feet, wondering if he’ll be able to ever sit down in the upcoming week.
Just wanna to write something with SheZow. Not much mature (since the show isn't mature at all). But I like this cartoon very much, it's so funny and hilarious.

SheZow belongs to Obie Scott Wade.
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Whetsit-Tuya Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Student Filmographer
This fanfic was more of a weab fetish than a shezow story
theoneunderthesea Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
Wow . . just wow
FFecchifan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
theoneunderthesea Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
Your welcome?
KirukaChan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice concept. Characters seemed like themselves (except Tara robbing a bank, kinda thought she wanted to be a hero). A little disappointed SheZow lost the fight that easily, though. His cape can be used to deflect beams as well, and even without the Laser Lipstick he has another melee weapon in the Turbo Tweezers.

Might wanna do some proofreading, too.
FFecchifan Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
Well, I did my best, but english is not my first langugage, sadly.
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